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Hey guys, remember when RAZ Corp went up in volcanic flames and everyone inside was incinerated?
Here’s the (overdue) follow up/alternate ending to that thing!
It may be a while before I get enough free time to do another RAZ strip, but in the meantime I’m making a short called Broats for Nickelodeon, so keep an eye out for that!

Might as well use RAZ’s position at the head of a giant corporation to comment on corporations every now and then.

Merry RAZmas, followers!

Happy Halloween times, y’all. I’ve been wanting to do a throwback to Wally’s lost love Lisa for a while now, and it seemed fitting for Halloween. Also, I wanted to solidify the canon that RAZ Corp has had hundreds (thousands?) of interns before Wally, all of whom met grisly fates. Dumm Comics.

I made a Halloween-ish comic this week

New RAZ on Dumm Comics

It’s Saturday, so that means I’ve got a brand new RAD RAZ comic for you on Dumm Comics. Sure, I’ll post it on the RAD RAZ Tumblr on Monday, but why wait?


Ok, this one’s now my favorite RAZ comic that I’ve drawn. Right on cue, whenever I absolutely love one of my comics, I get the most negative comments. Reader DUNG! wrote: “Finally, RAZ is dead! Is this Shitty Comic over now?” (obviously he forgot about RAZ’s clone backup system; RAZ dies all the time). Ferris chimed in “I sure hope so.” You can see the rest of the reader comments over at Dumm Comics.

Yup, I’m re-blogging my latest RAD RAZ because (almost) no one follows my RAD RAZ tumblr yet.

Sometimes I don’t want to make a joke as much as I want to play around with colors. Is that so wrong? This is similar to the joke in “Something’s Off”, but I imagine RAZ gets a lot of things stuck in his butt.

This is my most recent RAD RAZ comic. See a new one every Saturday at Dumm Comics!

I really wanted to make an iPhone joke, and this was the first thing that came to mind regarding the RAZ Corp universe.

Oops, I was neglecting my RAD RAZ tumblr there for a minute. This is the most recent comic!
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