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So earlier this year I was lucky enough to be contacted by Justin Lazernik to help out with the 5th episode of his fantastic Channel 101 series, Coach. I jumped at the chance to help turn the live action show into an animated special episode, and offered to paint background art for it. I wanted to bring an expressive, painterly style to the show that I had yet to see at Channel 101. I couldn’t do it alone, though, and had the help of my wonderful fiancée Teri (a fellow BG artist). Tom Riffel helped finish the remaining BGs, and Bryan Jordan Newton designed the characters and handled the actual animation of the show. It was a fun project to work on, and a privilege to work with all the talented people involved. Sadly, it wound up being the final episode of Coach, as it was not voted back for the next screening. That made it all the more surprising and satisfying when, this Saturday night, it won the 2012 Channy for Best Animation!

So I’d like to say thanks again to Mike Karnell and Justin Lazernik for creating Coach, which remains an excellent show in the Channel 101 canon, and for inviting me to help on the project. Thanks to Teri, Bryan, Tom and everyone else who worked in the episode, and thanks to the people of Channel 101 for awarding us the Channy! Seriously - back in college when I was cracking up with my friends over House of Cosbys and Yacht Rock I never in a million years would have imagined that I would be a Channy award winner some day.

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