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I try to run this blog as an art-only thing for entertainment purposes. In addition to that, I’m a pretty guarded person regarding my inner thoughts and beliefs - those are mostly reserved for my close personal friends and family.

That being said, the situation in Ferguson is so significant that I feel I have to at least address it. There’s not much for me to say that hasn’t been said, but just be aware I’m not casually sitting back ignoring it - I’ve been poring over it and freaking out internally all week. It’s frightening and shameful, and I feel powerless to do anything of significance about it.

I’ll just link to an article. In the face of journalists being shut out of the situation, I suppose spreading the word is valuable in and of itself: Enough Is Enough In Ferguson via Vox

another Sailor Moon inspired piece for the upcoming Meatball Head show at Meltdown
another painting from Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja episode “Flume-igation”, designed by Dana Li



Does this yellow house even exist?

pretty sure it’s

1st  to 3rd pics. randy’s house

4th and 5th howards house

both have a painting of province in them because its a background from that one nicolas ep and it easier to use as a painting that drawing a new one

The first three are Randy’s house, the last 2 are Howard’s house. As for the painting, there was a sale on them at the Norrisville equivalent of Bed Bath and Beyond (though I like Aisha’s theory). That’s not to say you won’t find weird inconsistencies here and there (like this).

But think of it this way: these characters never notice the differences. As far as they’re aware, things have always been the way they are at that particular moment, and have no memory of things being different in another episode. For all you know, real life is just like this, you just have no memory of the occasional inconsistencies and warping reality around you.

my favorite thing to paint from Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja episode “Flume-igation”, designed by Erik Martin.
Here’s a fun thing I got to paint from Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja episode “On The Poolfront”, designed by Erik Martin.
So now that “Flume-igation” (Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja) has aired I guess I can post this.
The week I painted this my computer was freaking out and randomly deleting files, so I saved multiple versions as i worked just incase one of them got deleted so I wouldn’t have to start from scratch.
That means I wound up having images of different stages of the painting process, so enjoy!
The line art was by Erik Martin, aaaand I’m not sure who drew this particular frame of the storyboard. Someone tell me and I’ll update this description!