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If there’s ever a…

If there’s ever a DBZ version of Moon Animate Make-Up, plz count me in.

Super Buu

more dbz doodles

dbz doodles


Prints for sale!

These are my original prints from the recent Wes Anderson and X Files shows at Meltdown! I’m selling them on my Etsy if you’d like to take them home! Gotta clean house and make room for new art for upcoming shows.

Each one is hand signed and numbered (there is only one of each).

Currently I have the listings set up for delivery to the US or Canada, but if you live elsewhere and really want one message me and I’ll tweak the listing.


They gave the crew these sweet Council of Ricks badges when we wrapped season 1, but I’ve been waiting for the episode to air before posting it.

Something Coming Sometime!

Something I did will be premiering somewhere sometime this month! Keep an eye everywhere for it!

I haven’t posted any Rick & Morty art in a while, so here’s a few things I colored for “Rixty Minutes.” Hope you enjoyed the episode!